Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fight the Zero Rally

On November 3rd, in partnership with ServeNext, AmeriCorps Alums will be in Washington DC for the Fight the Zero rally – an event mobilizing 200+ people onto Capital Hill to draw attention to the necessity of funding for AmeriCorps.

Even if you cannot make it to the physical event, there will be a social media rally via the Twitter hashtag #FighttheZERO and Facebook on Nov. 3rd, from 9:00am – 11:00am in all time zones, where you can let your voice be heard.

To represent as a part of AmeriCorps Alums, you can get involved with us in the following ways, on Nov 2nd & 3rd:
Post on our Facebook page or send us a tweet at @AmeriCorpsAlumsanswering, "Why Are You Fighting to Save Service?” Tell us how important your service year was to helping to get you where you are today - and on Nov. 3rd, during the social media rally, we will share your quotes and experiences; putting faces to the Save AmeriCorps movement.

Share and Retweet content that we will be posting on our Twitter and Facebook to your network. The only way we can garner support is the keep informing the masses that still may not understand the impact AmeriCorps has on bettering our nation.

Sign up to participate on Nov 3rd. in the Social Media Rally. Let's build a virtual rally to really make noise for what we are fighting for. We’ll be using the #FighttheZERO hashtag directing messages like these to Congress directly:·
As an Alum, I am fighting to see future members of AmeriCorps make a better America. #FighttheZERO
With youth unemployment at 20%, we can’t afford to cut AmeriCorps #FighttheZERO
We refuse to be the Lost Generation! Save AmeriCorps #FighttheZERO
Save AmeriCorps and save 85,000 jobs #FighttheZERO
Create jobs. Support communities. Fund AmeriCorps. #FighttheZERO
We aren’t looking for a bailout. We are looking to serve. Save AmeriCorps #FighttheZERO
To do nothing in the wake of Congress’s proposal would be to turn our back on the future of AmeriCorps. Let’s take action and fight for what has enabled us to live a Lifetime of Service. Join AmeriCorps Alums, ServeNext, and a community of young Americans to Save AmeriCorps and Fight the Zero on Nov 3rd.

In service,

Ben Duda
Executive Director, AmeriCorps Alums

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