Thursday, February 23, 2012

Support AmeriCorps!

As you may have heard by now, The President released his budget last week for fiscal year 2013. It includes a 1% increase for the Corporation for National and Community Service to $1.1 billion and maintains member levels for AmeriCorps at around 82,500.
This is not the growth in AmeriCorps numbers we had hoped for emerging from the Kennedy Serve America Act of 2009 but, given how tight the overall federal budget is, it gives us a strong stake in the ground on which to build.
We anticipate politics will continue to get in the way of ‘getting things done’ for our country this year, and expect to have to remind Congress again that those of us who had the chance to serve our country are willing to fight for AmeriCorps’ future and the generation coming after us. Young Americans – over 1.1 million – are applying for limited AmeriCorps slots at unprecedented rates and the best thing the country can do is say "yes, we need you on the frontlines to address the needs of communities, close the achievement gap, protect our lands and waterways and assist victims of disaster.” That’s why AmeriCorps Alums is committed to fighting for the future of AmeriCorps.
So get ready – in 2012 your voice will be needed to remind Congress that Americans want AmeriCorps.
This is a great time to update your profile and include your current zip code. Sharing your zip code will help us immeasurably as we increase our advocacy and outreach efforts supporting the continuation and expansion of AmeriCorps. Click here to update your profile today---  ---
In Service,
Ben Duda
Executive Director
AmeriCorps Alums

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