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AmeriCorps Alums Newsletter - April 2012

April 2012 Issue 

There are over 775,000 alumni of AmeriCorps, and AmeriCorps Alums provides a strong network for individuals to continue serving in their Life After AmeriCorps. National Volunteer Week was a time for us to recognize our chapters, chapter leaders, and Alumni members, like you, for dedicating time and energy to advancing service and leadership in this country.
Whether as social entrepreneurs or serving as one of our local chapter leaders, we are grateful for the work of Alumni who are models for keeping service an integral part of their lives. Thanks for YOUR commitment to service as it keeps our team doing what we do!
National Volunteer Week may have ended, but Alums across the country can continue sharing their service story. Tell a friend or family member why you served. Read more below on how you can tell your story through Writing a Letter to the Editor. Let the public know that your AmeriCorps story is part of America’s story!
In Service,
Ben Duda

AmeriCorps Alums and GEICO are working together to bring exclusive savings to registered AmeriCorps Alums members. We are proud to announce GEICO as our exclusive insurance provider to cover you when you need it most, allowing you to continue to get things done.
You have to mention your Alums membership when you contact GEICO to receive your membership discount on a free quote for auto insurance.  Each quote will directly benefit AmeriCorps Alums’ programs and events.
Visit GEICO or call 1-800-368-2734 to see how much you could be saving.  Current and prospective GEICO policy holders can also find great rates on homeowners, renters, motorcycle insurance, and more!

On April 21 2009, President Barack Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, authorizing for the expansion of the Corporation for National and Community Service offerings of AmeriCorps positions.
Three years later, with the demand to serve at an all-time high, we saw 582,000 applications for 82,000 AmeriCorps slots, up from 526,000 applicants the year prior meaning over one million applications were rejected in the last two years.
What can we do? The bi-partisan leadership that led to the signing of the Serve America Act is still needed, to support funding and opportunities for a generation that wants to serve.
Take a moment to tell your story by Writing a Letter to the Editor – and build awareness in your local community to the benefits of national service and how your AmeriCorps service connects to your lifetime commitment to service and making your community stronger.

Chapters Keep Their Momentum Going
In April, AmeriCorps Alums chapters kept their momentum rolling across the country.
  • Miami Chapter: The first annual Philanthrofest, gathering Miami's nonprofits to connect community members to volunteer opportunities, featured the Miami Chapter of AmeriCorps Alums.
  • Boston Chapter: During its monthly chapter meeting, the Boston Chapter continued to be digitally innovative by Skyping in our Executive Director, Ben Duda. This was a first for any chapter!
  • St. Louis Chapter: This year, the St. Louis Chapter pulled alumni together to participate in the annual St. Louis Serves Day, answering the community's needs with a range of one day projects.
  • Newest Chapters: Welcome to our network - Baltimore, Knoxville, Midcoast Maine, Portsmouth (NH), and Sacramento.
If you are interested in starting a chapter, please complete a chapter leader application and return to Greg Heinrich.

Announcements & Links
  • Thank you Alums for filing your 2011 taxes for free with! You helped us reach one of the highest numbers out of their partnerships. Hope you all got a great return!
  • With that tax return, be sure to pick up some new Alums gear!
  • Last chance to register for early bird registration for NCVS at a discounted Alums rate!
  • Listen to our April Career Development webinar on resume building.

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