Thursday, October 25, 2012

AmeriCorps Alums Newsletter - October 2012

October 2012 Issue 
AmeriCorps was among the most important things I have ever done in my life. I helped finish a house for a York, P.A. family so that they could move-in before Christmas. I served past sunset for two years with Boston middle schoolers in an after-school program, and stayed up later checking-in with their parents by phone and prepping for the next day's class. Now, as the Executive Director of AmeriCorps Alums I also have the honor of leading the only national nonprofit network for alumni of all AmeriCorps programs.
AmeriCorps matters to each of us. I'm writing to ask you to support AmeriCorps Alums.
I believe AmeriCorps Alums are THE pipeline for 21st century leaders, living out a commitment to a lifetime of service. In 2012, AmeriCorps Alums has:

  • Grown chapters 200%, from 20 to 60, and completed our first ever chapter impact survey
  • Launched a FREE career development program with online trainings that engaged over 1000 alumni live
  • Convened over 200 alumni and honored 12 Champions for Change at the AmeriCorps Alums Day at the White House
So our "One Thing” this month is GIVE. Our goal is to get 1000 new alumni donations during our Fall campaign from October 23 – November 16. Please join us by donating today and thank you for your time and service.
In Service,

Ben Duda
Executive Director and an AmeriCorps Alum

 Donate to Alums
Remember your best day in AmeriCorps? You made a difference in someone's life; you left a neighborhood better than you found it. You've carried that moment forward with you as an AmeriCorps Alum – influencing how you've lived your life and how you see the world.
Now it's time to pay-it-forward and support AmeriCorps Alums, giving back in the spirit of the program that helped shape who you are today. Your contribution will: help us develop more webinars, organize more chapters, advocate for national service, and sustain the spirit of AmeriCorps beyond our own experiences and for the next generation.
Please consider donating to AmeriCorps Alums today. You can make a big difference!

Serve for Halloween
Serving after AmeriCorps doesn't have to be scary. ‘Tis the season of giving, so why not start with by giving back this Halloween. Alums from across the country have found timely ways to serve through the planning of timely events that are both fun and spooky. What are some of the ways you can serve during All Hallow's Eve?

Alums in the News
AmeriCorps Alums continue to be leaders in their years after service and it's always great to see our stories be lifted and shared through the media streams, especially if it's told in gifs. We continue to see Alums' in the news and we'd like to share our favorite Alums headlines from the past month:


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